The Biofuel-Solution team is constituted of people from both research and industry, with ex-perience from various fields in Chemical Engineering. The core innovators at Biofuel-Solution have long experience in working with research and development in renewable fuels and environmental technologies. Former research areas include work in selective catalytic reduction of NOx, deoderization, catalytic combustion, hydrogen generation, gasification etc., originating in heterogeneous catalysis and hence apply to the glycerol field.

The company research is conducted in a laboratory situated in Limhamn, Sweden. The ex-perimental equipment includes two micro-reactors, where the catalyst investigations are per-formed, as well as equipment for catalyst preparation. The laboratory is equipped with ana-lytical instruments such as two gas chromatographs with FID and TCD detectors, XRF analysis of total sulphur and equipment for measuring iodine, acid and sapponification numbers. Characterization of new and spent catalysts is performed in association with Lund Institute of Technology and available methods include: BET, MIP, TPD/TPR, XRD, SEM, TEM etc